Private Transactions with the option to be auditable. This is the promise of Beam and extremely important if you want to be able to do blockchain as a business.
Learn how you can use Beam to create a private and secure transaction layer for the businesses of the future. is a business Blockchain that allows its members to easily create digital twins and develop applications for peer-to-peer and cross-company transactions.

Are you developing a technology that could be used in this event?

We still have one Tech Stack Sponsorship open!

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In the beginning evening of the hackathon we will have training sessions by experts of each technology for you.
Also these experts will be present during the duration of the hackathon to help out and offer guidance if needed!

Secondary Technologies


Because you will probably need to store stuff.


We will have a set of oracle providers and surounding tech set up for the event.


Because sometimes You want to name something!


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