evan.network Technology Platform

evan.network is the blockchain for digital twins and business transactions.

evan.network is a business Blockchain that allows its members to easily create digital twins and develop applications for peer-to-peer and cross-company transactions. By offering a neutral and open technology, evan.network is the basis for different, independent platform models that benefit from the security of the Blockchain.

With evan.network, you can digitize real-world assets like machines or goods by equipping them with Digital Twins. The built-in services for verification, storage handling, rights management, and data sharing enables you to develop decentralized solutions easily. The open technology empowers the integration with other tools and existing business applications. Based on Ethereum and IPFS technology, evan.network guarantees 100% reliable and permanently secured information, along with easy adaptability for developers familiar with Ethereum.

The evan.network is operated and governed by independent Authority Nodes, so that stable transaction costs, security and high performance are possible at the same time. With this open enterprise community, evan.network brings a decentralized solution into the real world.


  • Ethereum-based public business-blockchain with IPFS as a distributed storage backend
  • dedicated to build and run distributed apps (DAPPs)
  • enterprise-grade development components to build own solutions easily
  • easy-to-use dashboard to build and manage Digital Twins without coding
  • On-chain security and privacy tools with features like a key exchange or sharing
  • ready to build GDPR-compliant Blockchain solutions
  • decentralized governance through independent companies from different industries controlling the PoA-consensus
  • open source technology stack, APIs and smart contract framework
  • high performant
  • stable transaction costs