Hackathon Rules

Prize Eligibility Rules

  1. The solution needs to connect to at least one of the tech stacks (BEAM and evan.network).
  2. A team should be able to point out what was created pre-hackathon and what was built during the Hackathon
  3. A team should be able to provide the source code of the demo solution (The IP stays with the team but you should be able to show that you created it) 
  4. The number of individuals in each team should be 2-5.

General Rules

  • At the end of the Hackathon each group has to have 3 deliverables:
  1. A codebase uploaded to the Github
  2. Live demo of not longer than 3 minutes
  3. A presentation of 3 minutes

  • You are allowed to use everything which is open source

Disqualification Criteria

  • Hacking other teams or hacking the location
  • No PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) to everyone

General Recommendations 

  • Teams are encouraged to open source their work and to collaborate with other teams
  • It's highly recommended to attend the technology workshops on Friday the 6.9 in order to orient yourself with the tech stacks and the other participants